Who are you at this very moment? I don’t mean what your name is. what are the people sitting in front of me made up off? are you judgemental, are you nice, easily angered funny or bitter? If your personality does consist of any of these common traits, what drove you towards those personality traits? Were you born with them or have they changed because of your life experiences. These questions are the core behind the nature vs nurture debate. This debate has raged over many years going back and forth, never really coming up with a concise conclusion.

Nature is the argument that points towards the idea that we are all born with predisposed traits and personality. Which means that we are born with all of our characteristics and quirks. Nurture on the other hand is the debate that when we are born we are a blank slate. This implies that none of our personality has formed yet it will be shaped in the future by our surroundings and impact us as we develop. We can see that the nature vs nurture debate goes on throughout Frankenstein wondering whether Frankenstein’s monster is born a monster or was he shaped into one.

nurture is the theory mainly based on a blank slate idea originally put forward by Johne Locke in his essay concerning human understanding. His theory suggests that as babies. when we first enter the world the environment begins to shape the people we are to become. Some major factors include our parents, siblings, school, friends and a lot more. All of these external influences change you. When the idea was first put forth, it was mainly speculation with no major facts to back it up. Over time this changed with experiments happening to back up the nurture debate. One major experiment that shows the nurture side is the bobo doll experiment.

Simply put they had aggressive role models in front of the children to see if they replicated more aggressive tendencies later on in the experiment. from this experiment, they saw that the children who had been exposed to the role models tended to be more aggressive. This shows that the environment affected the behaviour of the children which then shows that peoples behaviour can be influenced. This is because the children imitated the aggressive role models. Which suggest that at least some of the nurture beliefs are correct. This can relate back to Frankenstein and explain the reason that Frankenstein’s monster did terrible things. He could have been imitating the aggressive behaviour inflicted towards him because of the way he was treated throughout the book. All of the hateful acts lead him to react the way he did as the children had in this experiment.

The nature theory is the idea that we are born with genetic traits that will determine our characteristics. One example of an extreme naturist is John Bowlby and his Attachment and loss theory where he looked into the reason that a child is attached to there mother. Bowlby’s theory was that the attachment a baby and the mother has is innate and biological. Which is the opposite opinion to Nurtirists Dollard’s and millers theory . Bowlby suggested that it provided an evolutionary advantage because it would mean that more children would survive if the mother and child both wanted to be in the vicinity of each for protection.

They did an experiment to check the theory and the children were distressed as soon as they were away from there mother for a certain period of time. Even if they were fed by a different person this disproves the Dollard’s and Miller’s theory who believed that attachment was caused by the person feeding the baby. this proves that certain psychological traits are caused by your genetics and are innate. in that case, Frankenstein may have been correct about the monster that he was always meant to do the terrible things later on in life.

Although both sides of the argument have valid points. determining whether or not the people I see here today are because of the upbringing or because of your Genes. I believe it is not one or the other it is a mix. The first major psychologist to suggest that we are a mixture of genetics and behaviour was Francis Galton. Although his idea was originally flawed. Over time the theory grew and now most psychologists agree with the fact that it’s not just genetics or behaviour it is a mixture of both.

For example, the MAOA and CDH13 genes that tend to occur with violent offenders in jail. These genes tend to make people born with them more likely to commit violent crimes although the genes do not affect the person unless certain stressing environmental factors push them towards violent crimes. This means that the monster could have been shaped by his sad environment and his genetics to end up having the disastrous murderous results at the end. So altogether we are our genes and our environment all added together to become the variety of humans making up our world.

2.5 Task 2: Portfolio 2.4

It is winter, the unforgiving blanket of forever fog slowly grows towards the only light that is not fully covered behind the fog leaving only a dark dread. The ever so slight wind brushes through the whispering trees, as the chilled air dances past with a cold style, the unkempt leaves strike the unknowing shrubs with hateful intent as they soar past and the coldness grabs all of the minimal life throughout the darkness. The light gets choked by the blanket of wicked webs weaving its way throughout the land. The fog was tangled throughout the darkness that once was called a forest.

Look up, the uneasy moon glares through the thick stubborn fog as if to point out the unjust world that is called Earth. Surrounding the only light creeping through the pack of trees sway back and forth taunting him. A branch suspiciously cracks leaving a residual sound echoing throughout the dark night. The scuttling and the unsettling movements distract even the most concentrated. Gnarled branches stretch out grazing his body as he stumbles around. The brackish branches seem to pull the light closer unknown unease. A twig snaps somewhere deep in the forboding forest giving an untrustworthy tinge to the ever fearful night.

It is dark, the ominous trees are faintly lit by the now partly shrouded moon. The thick layer of conniving fog has locked away the hopeful light leaving a distasteful light. The perplexing pines, the awkward acorns, the slanted shrubs and the watching weeds all seem to inquire him. This leaves a bitter state letting a worried feeling creep throughout the dark. A singular spider creeping along the garbled ground as it retreated further into the black of the night. All was quiet.

Listen, as the girl screeches in the distance pulling the attention of the terror-filled forest. The trees unanimously all waver in an offbeat fashion. The wallowing wind sends inconsistent unorthodox tremors throughout the grotesque grass huddling together, the odd oak peering in, the awkward air whipping around and the lofty leaves easily swayed by the slightest movement. The troubling trees creak the odd owl hoots, the agitated air screams, and the conniving creeper aches.

And then you see it two rich blood-filled eyes piercing through all of the unmistakable trees. The glaring intent it’s obvious what want. You stay silent waiting for the fear of being compromised to be over. The hovering eyes shift and sway as they slowly get bigger disappearing for few seconds then reappearing. Sweat starts to drip down your fear-induced worried face. The feeling of an unknown presence creeps up a behind you. You look around no one to be seen the dark existence of night tower of you leaving with a worrying sense. You hear a bush rustle near you slowly returning to the still dead state it once was. Suddenly circular lights beam down at you from all around you identifying you to the world. Then you hear the repetition of the dreaded words that had felt haunting you since you started “We found you” they cackled at the top of their lungs. A smile starts to creep over your face when you realize you WON!

Level 2 English internal

“An action to have moral worth, must be done from duty.” -Immanuel Kant was trying to tell everyone was that the importance wasn’t in what happened but what the intent behind it. When humans chose to do a task there is always thought and drive for the reason of accomplishing said task. Instead of basing our perspectives around the personal consequences of making a choice, good or bad, we should base it around their intent. This way we can truly gauge what someone is truly wanting whether they have bad intent or positive feelings. Throughout “Frankenstein” Mary Shelly shows us what can happen if we judge people from a skewed perspective by looking from multiple points. understanding this concept of the moral worth theory we can gather a different insight. When we look into the story with our soon to be new understanding of the moral worth theory we will start to glean an idea about what everyone’s intention are. Throughout the book and even be able to see what mary shelly intentions are, what the reasonings are behind the words. Through out this essay i will be looking into what mary shelly intentions were and linking the theory and frankenstein.

1.8 Significant Connetions

Every guy has had a Golden Girl in their life that would seem to fit perfectly with you. She’s smart, Charming, beautiful and everything you would want in a woman. She is always ever so elusive when you’re about to have a grasp on her she slips through your fingers. Everyone who fell under the charm of a Golden Girl would go to the end of the earth to get what they desire. Throughout the different texts of Fitzgeralds, he has a golden girl that the main protagonist can’t resist. The Golden girls in each of the texts are Kismine, Daisy, Daisy and Judy. The texts that I will be depicting are The Great Gatsby, The curious case of Benjamin Button, Winter Dreams and The Diamond As Big As The Ritz. The Golden Girls have very similar attributes throughout the texts.

The Great Gatsby is a big example of the “Golden Girl” Daisy Buchanan is Gatsby’s Golden Girl throughout the whole book he is striving towards the goal of them being together. It was his hopes and dreams, it filled his ambitions. When Nick says ” That was it. I’d never understood before. It was full of money that was the inexhaustible charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbals’ song of it. . . . high in a white palace the king’s daughter, the golden girl. ” It shows what she meant to everyone she is the ideal golden girl. She has an inexhaustible charm. which says that her charm is very plentiful never able to be used up always working its ways into peoples desires and dreams. She especially filled Gatsby’s life she was his only obsession. This inevitably leads to his downfall. Daisy was everything that Gatsby wanted which is why that she is his golden she has reputation beauty money and she has charm everything that he wants. Gatsby says “Can’t repeat the past why of course you can” This shows that he wants to be able to change the time for her for his enemy is the unhelpful timing of there whole situation. Then the Gatsby tries to oppose one of the colossal forces of the world time for the golden girl. Gatsby throughout the text believes that it is possible to go back in time and forget that the last 5 years had happened. which in the end was never able to happen.

The Curious Case of Benjamin button also has a golden girl named Daisy she is desired by Benjamin Button who lives backwards so he’s getting younger whereas she gets older. Throughout the film, they encounter each she was his first crush. When Benjamin said, “I never forgot her blue eyes ” this shows how big of an impact she was to him. for him to so vividly remember her eyes. This shows that she was always on his mind because he would always think of her. She was the perfect match for Benjamin. She didn’t care if he aged backwards or the life he lived. She was his golden girl. Just like Gatsby, They met when they were younger then after many years, he comes back to see her. Benjamin also had time as an enemy when he says “I was thinking how nothing lasts and what a shame that is” at this stage benjamin button and daisy where around the time where they were the same age the crossing point of their lives. He realizes that sooner or later he will have to move on with his life and leave daisy. He accepts that as a part of life. Gatsby also had time going against him because when they separated for five years all he could think about her and how when he gets back to her everything will be how it was and they will just erase all of those years that he missed with her as if they don’t matter. When Gatsby returned he and Daisy fell in love again. then he pushed her too hard and she left and he died. this shows that Gatsby and Benjamin both wanted their Golden Girls. They had their respective Daisys but then some small piece of information of time drew them apart. for Gatsby it was the fact that they couldn’t go back to what they were like and for Benjamin, it was that he was getting younger and she was getting older.

Winter Dreams also has a Golden has a Golden Girl Judy Jones and Dexter the main character ever since he meets her has a complete devotion to her from the first time he meets her. which was when he was caddying on a golf course. she is very superficial and very wealthy which makes Dexter want to change himself for her. when Judy says 
“You’re not. I like you. But I’ve just had a terrible afternoon. There was a man I cared about, and this afternoon he told me out of a clear sky that he was poor as a church-mouse. He’d never even hinted it before. Does this sound horribly mundane?” this just shows how superficial she is even though she cared about a lot this man she had to end it because he was poor. when Dexter says 
“It did not take him many hours to decide that he had wanted Judy Jones ever since he was a proud, desirous little boy.” this shows that he has always really liked her since the day he meet her and she has been playing on his mind since then just Benjamin button they were both affected by their golden girls at a young age and from that point on. They both try to work it out with their golden girls then realize they had to wait. Then they tried again which for both of them went well until the inevitability faced them that they didn’t work for different reasons Dexter problem was that he didn’t really like Judy he liked the idea of the golden girl and what she represented.

The Diamond As Big As The Ritz also has a golden girl this story is about a boy from a wealthy family called John. Than there Kismine who is from a family who are the richest family in the world both Kismine and Percey are very materialistic. when John says  “I’m glad. I like very rich people.” it just shows how much he cares about the money so when it comes to Kismine he also really enjoys that he is marrying into the richest family in the world. John thinks that kismine looks absolutely amazing when this is said “John was critical about women. A single defect- a thick ankle, a hoarse voice a glass eye- was enough to make him utterly indifferent. and here for the first time in his life, he was beside a girl who seemed to him the incarnation of physical perfection” this shows how much he really thinks Kismine he thinks that she is the only person he has seen in all his life that’s fits his criteria of being perfect which means that she is his golden girl. he strives to get her throughout the whole book. He faces death to be with her because at the end of the summer he would be killed just like all the other people that went to kismine Washingtons house. John out of all the protagonists that went after the golden girl he was the only on that succeeded this is because where everyone else failed and generally walked awa

John was tested he passed the test everyone else had their golden girl and then a problem came along. Such as Benjamin faced the problem of Time. He walked away because he realized he couldn’t handle that strain in their relationship whether that was the best decision is up to them. Then Dexter he finally was with Judy Jones his problem was that he didn’t want the life she wanted then he walked away. Gatsby had his Golden girl Daisy for a brief time their problem was also time Gatsby wanted to erase 5 years but Daisy just wanted to live with life from that point on. the fact that Gatsby couldn’t compromise killed. John had his Dreamgirl Kismine and he kept her even though they faced adversity. When he Kismine told him he was going to die at the end of the summer. He was angry, yes but when they were under attack he took kismine with him and he didn’t walk away he compromised and forgave kismine. This shows that everything in life has to be worked for nothing comes for free. Throughout all of Fitzgeralds work everyone has to work for what they want and once they became tested it sees how important it is to you.

The Curiuos Case Of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is a fantastic movie with many underlying ideas and meaning behind everything you see. The Idea I will be talking about is The Nature Of Life. Which is about how life is a circle all you come into the world with is your name and the reputation tied to that name and all you leave the world with is your name and your reputation. It also shows that even though everyone drives through life on different lanes they will always have intersections known as milestones and always end up at the same place doesn’t matter how long it takes every reaches the end. In this essay, I will be talking about how techniques further this idea and make them stronger throughout the last scene of the movie. My techniques are Montage, Voice-over narration, camera shots, and symbols.

The Nature Of Life is represented by a symbol known as the clock throughout the final scene. The clock was made by Mr Gateau to go backwards instead of forwards so that he could bring back his son from the war that killed him. The director put the clock to help show the meaning of time and the nature of life. Like Benjamin, it goes against what is normal of human/clock nature. Although the clock goes back it still goes through the processes it, in the end, will always reach the 12 just like Benjamin will always end up dying as everyone else will its the nature of life. The clock still goes through the same milestones as the other clocks it goes through the number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12. even though it works back it still goes through the normal steeps. just like Benjamin, he goes back through life but still goes through the milestone as a normal person even it may be a bit backwards. At the very end of the final scene, we see the clock washing past by water which is representing time this symbolises time passing by the clock and Benjamin everyone that new Benjamin is dead although the clock is still ticking. This is because even though the clock and Benjamin our out of service. Their story lives on its the only have left to the world when they left so they are never truly dead which is the nature of life your never truly dead if somebody understands your story. That’s why the clock was still ticking because someone knows the story of both Benjamin and the clock and that person is Caroline Fuller shes whats keeping Benjamin and the clocks story alive.

Nature Of Life may also be represented by camera shots. The camera shot I’m going to be talking about is the zoom shot its technically not a movement because the camera doesn’t move. it can be used by zooming or only showing one prop in an extreme close up which would show that the object is important to the story. Or it might omit an object that would usually be there to show change. The Nature Of Life is represented by Zooming at the final scene. when daisy has just died and they zoom out from looking at Daisy when she’s on her hospital bed to the room around into the hallway and it shows everyone else going on with there doing working and hurrying about doing there job no one knowing what just happened or being affected. This shows the Nature Of Life and how everyone dies everyone’s clock ends up striking 12 and when it does Nature continues everyone else life goes on its just the Nature Of Life. everyone life comes to a close at some point but everyone else is living a different life. It also shows that we all die alone even if you die in someone’s arm once you’re dead your by your self and have nothing apart from your story. The director would have used this to further the point and meaning behind the Nature Of Life.

The montage at the end of the film showing all of the people in Benjamin life who was important to him. A montage is a series of clips or photos edited together to make one piece. The montage at the end of the film shows clips of all the people that influence his life. All of them lived different lives but all were dead no matter how they lived their life. Benjamin was affected by all of these people they helped him develop himself and led him through most of his transitory moments. just as they had been helped when they were younger everyone always has a friend, a mum, a teacher or another influencer helping them through their life no matter how different it is.  This montage helps show the Nature Of life and how it doesn’t matter how you lead your life we all up in the same the same places and different points in time. we all end up with the same things. They all went through similar transitory moments like learning how to walk even though they might have lived across the world from each other or might have an upside world they still would have gone through similar points of transitory moments and they all definitely end up at the same place it may be a different time but they will all end up there. all of them, once they were dead, had nothing apart from their story. It doesn’t matter about anything else once you’re dying on your deathbed apart from your friends and your legacy.

The Voice over narration appears throughout the final scene and explains to us what is happening. in each bit of the scene, it talks over benjamins life as a child when daisy is looking after him. The director uses the voice-over narration so that they can explain whats happening throughout the scene.  it also helps further the idea of the nature of life. It helps further the nature of life by talking about whats on the screen and giving us an insight into what’s happening. When Daisy says “He was 5 when I moved in Nearly the same age I was when I met him” It shows that life went in a full circle when he met her at the start of his life he was old and frail and she was young and full of life. Then they both went on with life meet at certain points but not for long until their lives intercepted and they were both at the same age which meant for once they were going through relatively the same things. Though just as their life had drifted together it drifted apart. Then at the end of both their lives, they meet again except in the opposite position they were in before now daisy is older and getting older and Benjamin is young and getting younger. Their lives both went in a full circle even if Benjamin was going the opposite way to everyone else he still learnt how to walk, had his first crush, got a job and many more things that a normal person would do. Daisy said”I watched as forgot how to walk” which he did when he was in a young boys body instead of learning how to walk he forgot just as it was the opposite when he was in his old body he was meant to forget how to walk then but he was learning how to walk. His life went full circle as it was meant to. This is showing that even though Benjamin and every other person internal clock are going different ways to his he still has the transitionary moments of a normal person and his life still went full circle.

The circle of life is represented in many ways throughout this final scene the main techniques that have been used is a montage, Voice Over Narration, camera shots and symbols.  The clock showed how even though it was different to every other clock it still went through the same moments and how that even though someone dies there story and legacy goes on. It goes on by the person because you truly only die when your story is lost. The camera shot shows how lives go on while someone else is dying or thriving. If you don’t know someone then there story or life doesn’t exist to you. They could die like Daisy did and the world wouldn’t know. Life goes on. The montage idea that showed which that even though we look different, act different lead a different life and are simply different. We all still have the core moments.  We will all end up in the same place as the person next to us and life will go on because clocks are made from the same thing they might look different act different but they are all made of the same thing. Its the same with humans if you break a human down to it we are all made from the same things we might all look different but in the centre were all living similar lives struggling with similar things.  The Voice Over Narration shows even though benjamins life goes completely backwards he still goes through the key moments we all do. Then whats the point of life if it doesn’t matter what we do who we are if we all live similar lives. Your life is measured by all of your deeds and all the people that remember you later in life because when your dead the only thing that matters is what impressions you left on people with the chances you had. It doesn’t matter how much money you had if you had the biggest muscles it only matters what you did with that money did you help people or become a hermit. It could even be said that your life’s worth is a series of unbroken gestures. Once your dead the only thing that matters is your story.

Cinematography Techniques

– Mise en Scene

the arrangement of the scenery, props, etc. on the stage of a theatrical production or on the set of a film.

– Lighting

equipment in a room, building, or street for producing light.

– Symbolism

the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.

– Camera Shots

The camera shots is the different types of a shots.

– Sound

what we here that makes an impact on the story

– Dialogue

a conversation between two or more people as a feature of a book, play, or film.

– Voice Over Narration (first person, omniscient and limited)

Voiceover (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique where a voice—that is not part of the narrative (non-diegetic)—is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations.

– Music

The use of music in films is to help to make you feel emotion.

– Montage

the technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole.

– Flashbacks

a scene in a film, novel, etc. set in a time earlier than the main story.

My Speech

There is a pivotal  moment in everybody’s life where they can change from the person they are to the person they want to be.  It doesn’t really matter what it is you want to be stronger ,smarter , taller or simply change a habit. Its your life why waste it.  for me the issue is procrastination   I used to cruised through life effortlessly not really trying I did everything the night  before it was due putting myself under a lot of unnecessary stress and/or pressure .this was all before I moved to Wanaka.

Wanaka changed me . In Wanaka everything was different I didn’t know anyone, the teaching was different, they way the classes work was different,  I remember my first class, going in to Maori I  had done some Maori at my school but i was not skilled . The Maori teacher to start of the day usually asks a question to everyone so as  he was going down the roll i was doing the alphabet in my head waiting for Holmes. when he asked me I had no idea what he said everyone was watching me, i was  a dear stuck in head lights I could feel the piecing stares from everyone in the room. I answered with the first thing that came to me which was Good but obviously in Maori. what he asked me is still unknown to this very day all I know is that i don’t want to be that situation again. After the first day of school I was tired and done with school I made a decision . Help myself out study and actually learn try my hardest or   cruise as I did at my own school you see at my old school I cruised through life not really doing anything trying in English or in any other subject i wouldn’t really do much  i used to be the guy in group assignments who didn’t do work really just slacked off, I relied upon others I never really did anything for myself I was just there not excelling wasn’t falling. I was either going to be the same guy at this school or was i going to be different I decided on the latter.

That decision in my life changed me. I thought it was the pivotal point in my life.  I have had so many opportunities to slip back into my old habits   for instance this speech I procrastinated on it even though I am talking about how I changed my life I still do, I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do for this speech there was a lot of choices and I didn’t know but then when I finally stopped my procrastination i chose to do my speech on how you influence your self and stuff like I personally I didn’t really like it so I slowly started to steer away from that speech and started to head towards the one that you’re all hearing today. While I was writing  this amazing speech you’re all hearing now I realized that It doesn’t have to be a moment that changes your life because it wasn’t just that decision that made me stop my procrastination it was that and all the little decision afterwards all the little choices . we all make choices ,decisions and gestures. They are all as important as the decision I made the night of my first day of school. these things make up who we are our are going to be in the future and who we are now.. Instead of There is a pivotal  moment  in everybody life where they can change from the person they are to the person they want to be Quoted by Charlie Holmes this quote is more suitable  Every decision is a pivotal moment no matter how minuscule It will change your direction to the future. 

Every decision is a pivotal choice that will effect your life. If i had chosen to go with the other speech or I chose if I chose to cruise this would have effected me  greatly because I wouldn’t be in the same position I am today. I’m glad i am because this speech taught me about myself  and hopefully taught all of you a lesson about yourself.

Gatsby Chapter 4 review

  1. He killed a man, was in the war and a German spy
  2. So we could get a feel for the type of people that went also because he might use them at a later time.
  3. I believe because he has a lot of money and studied at Oxford. But there is a chance he’s lying because his story is to perfect.
  4. It changes my perspective of her by hearing about and what her life was like before all of this. It gives me an insight into her life.
  5. Nick, Tom and Daisy. Nick=Busy, Tom=Pursued and Gatsby=Pursuing. I think Nick is pursuing because he is always doing something and getting into the thick of it. Tom is pursued because everyone is always talking about him and Daisy and the scandal. Gatsby is pursuing daisy so he is pursuing.

Chapter 1 The Great Gatsby

Nick introduced himself as a non judgemental narrator. Then we learnt that he lived next to the great gatsby who admires as he said ¨if personality is an unbroken series of of successful gesture, then there was something then there was something gorgeous about him¨. Then he Nick starts talking about his second cousin once removed Daisy, who is married to Tom buchanans. Then Nick goes over to there house for dinner where he meets Mrs Baker. At the dinner he finds out that Tom is having an affair with another woman in New York. After the awkward dinner Nick then leave to go home.

Daisy: Witty,gay,sad,lovely and passionate. That makes you think that she is not happy with her relationship with tom as if she is the shell of the happy person she was.

Tom: Cruel,arrogant,dominant,gruff and husky. Tom is a douche bag as he has an affair with another person. These words reinforce how i feel about Tom.

Miss Baker: Slender, polite,charming,balancing and small breasted These words make me feel that Miss baker is polite and charming and gracious.

At the start of the of the book you get introduced and Nick and one of the first things he says is that he is non judgemental but then within the first chapter he has judgments about two people tom and gatsby. This makes not  trust him because he is a judgmental person so the story will always be in tinted in nicks eyesight.

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